Clients rely on Paul & Paul to ensure prosecution of their patents and trademarks progresses efficiently through the examination process. If a patent examiner raises objections to the patent application, a Paul & Paul prosecutor formulates a strategic action for the client: whether to amend the claim to the satisfaction of the examiner, attempt to convince the examiner, or initiate the appeals process. In any of these situations, Paul & Paul clients know that their ideas receive the attention and protection they deserve.

Each of the firm’s patent attorneys is admitted before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They include former patent examiners, chemists, research scientists, and engineers and hold patents themselves. Litigators and prosecutors collaborate to ensure a smooth process from drafting and filing patent applications to drafting trial briefs for litigation.

Since 1945, the firm has registered more than 2,400 trademark registrations and since 1959, the firm has obtained more than 6,000 patents for its clients.  Click here to see a list of some notable patents the firm has handled.

The firm’s prosecution service—

  • Drafts patent applications
  • Handles licensing
  • Supports litigation and mediation
  • Counsels clients