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Paul & Paul is a prominent and well-respected full-service IP firm. We help a variety of clients protect their intellectual property, including small business owners, international conglomerates, and corporations. Our seasoned attorneys practice law and assist with all matters pertaining to patents, trademark law, copyright law, and trade secrets, advocating the rights of those looking to seek intellectual property protection, as well as defending those accused of intellectual property infringement. The attorney-client relationship is the core of the Paul & Paul law firm, and we help each patent practitioner get through the patent process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Our attorneys have experience before state and federal courts throughout the United States, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Copyright Office, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Through Paul & Paul’s global network of foreign associates, our firm litigates and prosecutes intellectual property in nearly 40 countries, providing expert legal advice, incisive document preparation, and legal services worldwide.

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Among the firms’ attorneys are former design engineers, production engineers, research scientists, and patent examiners.

Do You Need a Patent Attorney?

You are an idea person. An inventor, a creator, an artist, bringing your vision to the world. After weeks of tireless work, you’ve brought life to the idea and have a working prototype. As the buzz of bringing something to life starts to wear off the daunting task before becomes crystal clear: What is next?

Before you take this to investors you need to protect your work, your intellectual property. Your can’t miss multi-million dollar idea is a reality but your resources are limited. How do you protect yourself? Do you spend money on a patent lawyer to protect your invention? Here are the key things you need to know about Patent Lawyers:

Patents can’t be filed by every type of lawyer. You need a specialist with experience in intellectual property protection to file a patent for an inventor. Even something like a provisional patent application requires a lawyer that has passed specific tests and is registered with the USPTO.
A little-known fact: To even take that test, an attorney must show education or certification in a technical field. That means patent attorneys send up being programmers, scientists, engineers or technicians that have then also attended law school, gotten a law degree, and passed both the state bar exam and the patent bar exam.
In short, as an inventor that sits down with a patent lawyer it means the inventor is working with a colleague that is an experienced legal advisor in addition to being an industry expert in a related field that understands the technical details.
Because of the complex nature of patents, IP attorneys often have to specialize. One of the firm’s lawyers may handle pharmaceutical patents, another lawyer would handle software patents. What this means is that a patent law attorney is both an expert in patent law and procedures as well as a specific technical area.
That’s a rare and valuable trait in an attorney. A lawyer that has expert understanding in a particular area of patent law and who have dedicated their career to getting patents on inventions in a specific technical field is a powerful resource. For example, a patent attorney specializing in telecom patents will know how to write a patent for a cell phone company or startup, and then be able to anticipate the USPTO’s challenges, using the law to overcome those obstacles and deliver your patent.
Our intellectual property attorneys have years of experience handling legal issues and protecting the exclusive rights to different types of intellectual property whether it is creative works, artistic works, design patents, utility patents, plant patents, or drafting licensing agreements.  
Just to become a patent lawyer, the process requires the attorney to have in-depth technical understanding and expertise. But not all patent lawyers are the same. Some may be technically proficient but are not great at explaining, teaching, writing or clarifying. When you’ve got your invention ready and are looking for a patent lawyer, selecting the best patent lawyer is a big decision. You need to be careful, and make sure that the patent lawyer you hire has the ability to understand and explain the invention, including all of its technical features.
The best patent and ip lawyers near you will have the rare combo of skills that let them explain, clarify and simplify. Writing a great patent application brings to bear their full legal expertise, technical knowledge, and communication skills together into a focused and concise document that can withstand attacks by lawyers for things like patent infringement and other inventors who challenge the patent.
So if you have any further questions about the patent process, our practice areas, the patent office, or the cost of hiring a registered patent attorney, please contact Paul & Paul today.

A Safety Net for Innovation

Establishing and protecting intellectual property rights or defending against them may feel like a tightrope walk. An application in prosecution, a trademark, a copyrighted work, a plaintiff, or a defendant may initially have a disadvantaged position. The firm's imaginative approaches and pure hard work may bring that position to an acceptable resolution. Nothing is more important to Paul & Paul than providing a safety net for our clients' positions.

Where Tradition & Imagination Meet

Break through the barriers to your intellectual property goals. Paul & Paul’s professional team of litigators and prosecutors represent both plaintiff and defendant in all matters pertaining to patents, patent protection, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. The firm offers services distinguished by dedication, effort, and practicality. We understand that our clients seek a cost-effective and timely resolution, so we work hard to exceed expectations.

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