Alex R. Sluzas

alex sluzas

"I initially tried the patent process alone and ran into so many roadblocks along the way. Finally, I was referred here through a friend who had used the firm's services before. Paul & Paul helped me patent an idea I'd had for years! It was so great to work with a team who felt like they genuinely cared about my product, and wanted me to succeed. Months later I have now been able to turn my dreams into a reality! Thank you everyone at Paul & Paul!!!"

Mr. Sluzas has specialized in the study of liquid crystals and physical polymer chemistry. A former senior scientist and trademark counsel with Rohm and Haas Co., his practice areas include: polymers, resins, monomers, alloys, coatings, tertiary and quaternary wastewater treatment, printed circuit board cleaners, and other solvents. He has experience in mechanical, computer, biotechnology and chemical arts, trademarks, and copyrights. He has varied litigation experience in diverse technical areas. He served as Note and Comment Editor for the Temple Law Quarterly. He is a member of Phi Lambda Upsilon and Sigma Xi.





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