Intellectual Property Litigation

Litigation happens when two or more parties are involved in a business dispute and seek damages either in the form of money or performance rather than actual criminal sanctions. Our litigation lawyers represent parties have been serving Pennsylvania for over 170 years and offer a multitude of experience across many different industries including commercial, medical, chemical, and technology, to name a few. Our seasoned lawyers are former design engineers, production engineers, research scientists, and patent examiners. 
We know what it takes to find success for our clients. When it comes to lawyers defending against an allegation of an intellectual property rights violation, the case can also involve civil litigation and abiding by the rules of civil procedure. From the discovery process to the day of your trial, our intellectual property lawyers will be by your side. If you are looking to make a litigation case, let our experience in the litigation process guide you.

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Our Experience Has Earned Client Trust

The attorney litigators at Paul & Paul’s practice has served clients and provided legal counsel for more than 150 years in the following intellectual property legal issues:

Patent Infringement

Protect your inventions. If you believe a party is wrongfully using, making, or selling your patent, you may be a victim of patent infringement.

Patent Validity

Is someone questioning the legitimacy of your patent? Unfortunately, a patent can be deemed invalid for a number of different reasons.

Trademark Infringement

Has someone violated the exclusive rights of your trademark? This is more common than you would think.

Unfair Competition

Are your competitors being deceptive, giving themselves an unfair advantage? Find out about our solutions.

Copyright Infringement

You don't want your work reproduced, redistributed or copied. When it is, you want to ensure that the other party gets penalized.

Trade Secret Theft

Trade secrets are protected as intellectual property even though no actual formal filing or registration of the secret is required.

Our highly respected trial lawyers have litigated in these courts:

supreme court

Where Tradition & Imagination Meet

We have represented client patent and trademark cases before the trial boards of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and government agencies and commissions. We has equally represented defendants before the courts and before the USPTO.

Break through the barriers to your intellectual property goals. The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in legal matters pertaining to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets with deep knowledge, a commitment to high standards of service to its clients, and creative yet practical solutions.

If you are seeking legal representation from a law firm with years of experience that is ready to protect your rights and battle your litigation matters, look no further. For more information on our practice areas including patent prosecution and patent technology, or just legal advice on how to protect your intellectual property rights – contact the litigation attorneys at the law firm of Paul & Paul today. We value our attorney-client relationships and look forward to your call.

What Our Clients Say

Eric TuchEric Tuch
01:09 26 Jun 20
From the moment I made contact, I was met with professionalism and legal expertise. Alex exceeded my expectations and continues to guide me as I need assistance. I am extremely grateful for his detail in preparing my application, as I was overwhelmed with excitement while reviewing the final draft. If you are seeking intellectual property protection, Paul and Paul provides exceptional service to help you move in the right direction.
Barry RuderBarry Ruder
19:14 16 Sep 19
Fantastic service, appreciate how they follow up to make sure I do not miss deadlines
Ginny BlairGinny Blair
02:57 31 May 19
Sherrill MoseeSherrill Mosee
21:29 06 Mar 19
Paul and Paul is a great firm to work with, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. I’ve been working with the firm since 2013 and have two patents to show. What I love most about Paul and Paul is that they are a boutique firm. The level of attention I get from my attorney, Mr. Sluzas, is likely not found at a larger firm. My questions and concerns are typically answered within hours of my request, if not sooner. If you’re looking for a firm that is experienced, respected and responsive to your needs, I suggest Paul and Paul.
Michael AtchisonMichael Atchison
00:35 16 Jan 19
Paul & Paul have done great work for our scientific education company for nearly a decade. They successfully submitted our patent application, which was awarded, and have negotiated several business contracts. Their advice is always outstanding, and they are efficient. Their work is excellent and we’ve been very satisfied and impressed.
Raj RajasekaranRaj Rajasekaran
23:42 10 Mar 18
I have been working with Paul and Paul for the past 4 years. The attorneys here are very capable and accomplish the goals of the project strategically. They are very considerate and supportive of the financial situation of the client. I enjoy working with Alex Sluzas from Paul and Paul and so far my experience has been fabulous. I will strongly recommend Alex Sluzas to any entrepreneur who is looking for an excellent and a honest patent attorney.