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Welcome to Paul & Paul, a distinguished intellectual property law firm rooted in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, yet dedicatedly extending its exceptional services to individuals and business owners in Paramus, NJ. With a storied legacy of championing the rights of creators and innovators, our firm is built on the foundational belief that every unique idea deserves the highest level of protection. At Paul & Paul, we pride ourselves on our experience and profound understanding of United States intellectual property law, ensuring that your patents, trademarks, and copyrights are not only secured but vigilantly upheld against infringement.

Our skilled team of attorneys at Paul & Paul specializes in navigating the complex terrain of intellectual property law, providing comprehensive guidance from the initial stages of filing patent applications and registering trademarks to aggressively litigating in the face of infringement cases. Recognizing the invaluable asset that intellectual property represents for both individuals and corporations, we tailor our strategies to meet the distinct needs of our clients, empowering creators to focus on innovation with peace of mind. Partner with us and experience dedicated legal support that transcends boundaries, driven by our commitment to protect and elevate your ideas.

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Our Intellectual Property Services

At Paul & Paul, our intellectual property legal services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of creators and business owners, with a special focus on patents and trademarks. Understanding the critical importance of safeguarding your innovations and brand identity, we offer legal guidance throughout the entire process of obtaining and enforcing patents and trademarks. From conducting detailed searches to ensure your ideas and marks are truly unique, to navigating the complex application processes, our experienced attorneys stand by your side. Whether you’re looking to protect a groundbreaking invention or establish your brand’s symbols and names in the marketplace, Paul & Paul is equipped to deliver the robust protection your intellectual property deserves.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Patent Prosecution

Filing for a patent is an essential step for inventors seeking to protect their unique inventions and innovations. A patent grants the inventor exclusive rights to use, sell, and further develop their invention, effectively safeguarding it from unauthorized use by others for a specified period. However, navigating the intricacies of patent law and the application process can be challenging without professional guidance. Here are several scenarios when filing for a patent is particularly vital:

  • When you have developed a new product, process, or technology that is unique, useful, and non-obvious.

  • Before publicly disclosing your invention, as public disclosure can often preclude patenting opportunities in the future.

  • If you’re planning to commercialize your invention or seek investment, as a patent can significantly increase your venture’s valuation.

  • To deter competitors from copying your innovation, providing a legal framework to protect and enforce your rights.

  • When expanding your business internationally, as patents can provide a competitive advantage in global markets.

Hiring a lawyer to file for a patent is crucial due to the complexity of patent laws and the detailed nature of the patent application process. An experienced intellectual property attorney can significantly enhance the prospects of your patent application’s success by ensuring it is accurately prepared and strategically aligned with your goals. The intellectual property lawyers at Paul & Paul possess the experience to conduct thorough prior art searches, draft comprehensive patent applications, and effectively communicate with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on your behalf. Our dedicated team simplifies the process, allowing you to concentrate on innovation while we protect your intellectual creativity.

Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark is an essential step for any individual or business looking to protect their brand identity and ensure exclusive rights to use their name, logo, or slogan within their market. Trademarks play a crucial role in distinguishing your products or services from those of your competitors, building customer loyalty and brand value over time. Registration provides legal certainty and reinforces the position of the right holder by granting exclusive rights to use the trademark in the economic sector for which it is registered.

When registering for a trademark is appropriate:

  • Before launching your product or service: Securing a trademark before market entry helps prevent potential conflicts with existing trademarks and establishes your brand identity early on.

  • When seeking to build brand recognition: A trademark serves as a visual symbol of the quality and origin of your products or services, essential for building trust and loyalty among your target audience.

  • If planning to expand your business: Trademarks can be registered in multiple countries, offering international protection as your business grows.

  • To safeguard against infringement: Registration provides a legal basis to challenge any unauthorized use of your trademark, protecting your brand integrity.

  • When aiming to increase your business’s value: A strong trademark can be an invaluable asset, making your business more appealing to investors or potential buyers.

Hiring a trademark lawyer to manage the trademark application process is vital due to the legal complexities involved, including conducting a comprehensive search to ensure the uniqueness of your mark and navigating the administrative procedures of the USPTO. An experienced intellectual property lawyer will not only enhance the chances of your trademark application’s success but also provide strategic advice on how to use and protect your trademark effectively. At Paul & Paul, our trademark attorneys are committed to securing the strongest protection for your brand, drawing from a wealth of experience in intellectual property law to guide you smoothly through the process of trademark registration and beyond.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Patent Infringement

If you suspect that another individual or entity is using your patented invention without your authorization, it’s crucial to seek professional legal advice immediately. Patent infringement can severely impact your business, potentially diluting your market share, diminishing your invention’s value, and harming your competitive edge. It’s appropriate to reach out to Paul & Paul if you notice your patented product, process, or technology being replicated, sold, or used commercially by others without your consent. This includes instances where your patent is being directly copied or if a competitor’s new product or process is suspiciously similar to your patented invention, possibly indicating they have bypassed your patent rights.

Trademark Infringement

If you start noticing that your trademarked brand name, logo, or slogan appears on products, services, or marketing materials of another company without your permission, it’s a clear sign of possible trademark infringement. This unauthorized use can confuse customers, dilute your brand’s unique identity, and undermine your brand’s reputation and value in the market. It’s appropriate to contact Paul & Paul immediately when you observe any misuse of your trademark, especially if the infringing party is competing in the same industry or market segment as yours, potentially causing financial losses or damage to your brand loyalty among consumers. Our attorneys can assess the situation, provide expert legal advice, and represent your interests in enforcing your trademark rights and seeking appropriate remedies.

Are You Looking For Patent or Trademark Protection? Learn How the Intellectual Property Lawyers at Paul & Paul Can Help You.

If you’re in Paramus or surrounding areas of New Jersey, and seeking to protect your innovations or brand identity, don’t hesitate to reach out to Paul & Paul. With our extensive experience in intellectual property law, we’re uniquely positioned to help secure your intellectual property rights and defend against infringement. Whether you’re contemplating patent registration, trademark protection, or need to address a potential infringement issue, our team is ready to guide you through every step of the process. Take the first step towards safeguarding your intellectual creativity and enhancing your competitive edge by contacting Paul & Paul today. Your intellectual property is not just an idea or a brand; it’s a valuable asset that deserves expert protection.

What Our Clients Say

Eric TuchEric Tuch
01:09 26 Jun 20
From the moment I made contact, I was met with professionalism and legal expertise. Alex exceeded my expectations and continues to guide me as I need assistance. I am extremely grateful for his detail in preparing my application, as I was overwhelmed with excitement while reviewing the final draft. If you are seeking intellectual property protection, Paul and Paul provides exceptional service to help you move in the right direction.
Barry RuderBarry Ruder
19:14 16 Sep 19
Fantastic service, appreciate how they follow up to make sure I do not miss deadlines
Ginny BlairGinny Blair
02:57 31 May 19
Sherrill MoseeSherrill Mosee
21:29 06 Mar 19
Paul and Paul is a great firm to work with, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. I’ve been working with the firm since 2013 and have two patents to show. What I love most about Paul and Paul is that they are a boutique firm. The level of attention I get from my attorney, Mr. Sluzas, is likely not found at a larger firm. My questions and concerns are typically answered within hours of my request, if not sooner. If you’re looking for a firm that is experienced, respected and responsive to your needs, I suggest Paul and Paul.
Michael AtchisonMichael Atchison
00:35 16 Jan 19
Paul & Paul have done great work for our scientific education company for nearly a decade. They successfully submitted our patent application, which was awarded, and have negotiated several business contracts. Their advice is always outstanding, and they are efficient. Their work is excellent and we’ve been very satisfied and impressed.
Raj RajasekaranRaj Rajasekaran
23:42 10 Mar 18
I have been working with Paul and Paul for the past 4 years. The attorneys here are very capable and accomplish the goals of the project strategically. They are very considerate and supportive of the financial situation of the client. I enjoy working with Alex Sluzas from Paul and Paul and so far my experience has been fabulous. I will strongly recommend Alex Sluzas to any entrepreneur who is looking for an excellent and a honest patent attorney.