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Intellectual property (IP) is an area of the law that all inventors and most successful businesses will have to tackle at some point. Individuals and businesses alike rely on their IP rights to protect their hard work, time spent, and money invested into inventions, products, services, brands, businesses, and other parts of their livelihood. Although there is no requirement to hire a lawyer to file for a patent or trademark, hiring a patent lawyer or trademark lawyer in Paramus, NJ will ensure that your most precious assets are well-protected from unscrupulous individuals.

Here at Paul & Paul, our IP lawyers have been advising individuals, businesses, corporations, agencies, and others around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the United States, and throughout the globe with our international business partners. With over 170 years of combined experience, our team of patent lawyers and trademark lawyers has helped protect products, services, and businesses. We can navigate the complex area of IP in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Learn more about our services during a FREE consultation with our team.

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Patent Lawyers for Individuals and Businesses

Patents are one of the most complex and difficult-to-obtain types of intellectual property rights. That is because they are also one of the most powerful too, affording a patent holder superior right over any other individual, business, or entity for a certain invention.

There are three types of patents, all which have unique traits and different requirements. Patents last for 20 years, with very rare exceptions for certain pharmaceuticals during the FDA process. The process for obtaining a patent is more than just filling out paperwork, but also providing a detailed schematic and drawings, detailed descriptions, and analyzing a detailed search of patents to ensure that your product does not infringe on an already issued patent.

Hiring an experienced patent lawyer can prevent other individuals and businesses from stealing your invention. But once you have a patent, you may still need a patent lawyer to help you monitor and ensure your patent is not being violated. You may also need a patent lawyer to help you sell, license, trade, or otherwise use your patent. Loopholes in these contracts for sale or use could result in significant financial harm to you and your business.

Trademark Lawyers for Your Future

Although patents only last for 20 years, trademarks can last for a lifetime. A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or any combination of these things that can help other individuals and businesses identify your goods or services. Essentially, a trademark is a logo, slogan, or branding that allows customers and other businesses to identify you.

While it also serves this identification purpose, trademarks also provide legal protections and help guard against counterfeiting, fraud, and damage to your business’ good-will. A proper trademark is essential to protecting your rights both now and in the future, since trademarks need to be registered after six years of inception and every ten years thereafter.

Retaining an experienced trademark lawyer can save your business time and money, ensuring that your brand is protected for long into the future. Even minor mistakes in filing trademarks can result in delays, extra fees, and openings for malicious actors to damage your business or steal your brand.

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Individuals and businesses that need a patent lawyer or trademark lawyer call the experienced law firm of Paul & Paul in Paramus, NJ for help. We have over 170 years of combined experience and can help you and your businesses gain the protections of federal law to ensure your hard work is not stolen by another unscrupulous individual or business. Learn more about our services by calling (215) 568-4900.

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Eric TuchEric Tuch
01:09 26 Jun 20
From the moment I made contact, I was met with professionalism and legal expertise. Alex exceeded my expectations and continues to guide me as I need assistance. I am extremely grateful for his detail in preparing my application, as I was overwhelmed with excitement while reviewing the final draft. If you are seeking intellectual property protection, Paul and Paul provides exceptional service to help you move in the right direction.
Sherrill MoseeSherrill Mosee
21:29 06 Mar 19
Paul and Paul is a great firm to work with, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. I’ve been working with the firm since 2013 and have two patents to show. What I love most about Paul and Paul is that they are a boutique firm. The level of attention I get from my attorney, Mr. Sluzas, is likely not found at a larger firm. My questions and concerns are typically answered within hours of my request, if not sooner. If you’re looking for a firm that is experienced, respected and responsive to your needs, I suggest Paul and Paul.
Michael AtchisonMichael Atchison
00:35 16 Jan 19
Paul & Paul have done great work for our scientific education company for nearly a decade. They successfully submitted our patent application, which was awarded, and have negotiated several business contracts. Their advice is always outstanding, and they are efficient. Their work is excellent and we’ve been very satisfied and impressed.