Litigation happens when two or more parties are involved in a dispute and seek damages either in the form of money or performance rather than actual criminal sanctions. Our litigation lawyers represent parties have been serving Pennsylvania for over 170 years and offer a multitude of experience across many different industries including commercial, medical, chemical, and technology, to name a few. Our seasoned lawyers are former design engineers, production engineers, research scientists, and patent examiners. We know what it takes to find success for our clients. If you are looking to make a litigation case, let our experience guide you.

Broad, deep experience has earned client trust

Paul & Paul's litigation practice has served clients for more than 150 years in the following intellectual property matters:

Patent infringement

Protect your inventions. If you believe a party is wrongfully using, making, or selling your patent, you may be a victim of patent infringement.

Patent validity

Is someone questioning the legitimacy of your patent? Unfortunately, a patent can be deemed invalid for a number of different reasons.

Trademark infringement

Has someone violated the exclusive rights of your trademark? This is more common than you would think.

Copyright infringement

You don't want your work reproduced, redistributed or copied. When it is, you want to ensure that the other party gets penalized.

Unfair competition

Are your competitors being deceptive, giving themselves an unfair advantage? Find out about our solutions.

Trade secret theft

Trade secrets are protected as intellectual property even though no actual formal filing or registration of the secret is required.

Our highly respected attorneys have litigated in these courts:


U.S. federal
district courts

Courts of Appeals

U.S. Supreme Court

State courts

Where tradition and imagination meet

We have represented client patent and trademark cases before the trial boards of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and government agencies and commissions. It has equally represented defendants before the courts and before the USPTO.

Break through the barriers to your intellectual property goals. The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases pertaining to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets with deep knowledge, a commitment to high standards of service to its clients, and creative yet practical solutions.

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