Patent Law: 5 of the Craziest Inventions That Have Ever Been Patented

There are some inventions that are surely out of the box. Following patent law can ensure that your groundbreaking idea is secured to your name.

Patent Law: 5 of the Craziest Inventions That Have Ever Been Patented

There are a ton of inventions that make our day to day life easy. Most of them we don’t even give a second thought as it has become so ingrained in our lifestyle. The light bulb invented by Thomas Edison or the first automobile invented by Karl Benz, which ushered in a new age of transportation hardly seem “wow” worthy anymore. Then there are more complicated inventions that have helped man land on the moon! And most invention patents have made our civilization progress by leaps and bounds.

There are some inventions that are surely out of the box, to say the least. And it’s just not unconventional people but some well-known organizations that have tread this path. If you have a groundbreaking idea and want it secured in your name, it’s best to hire the services of a patent attorney to help you out with the process.

Now for some fun stuff, here is a list of some of the strangest patent applications ever.

Nokia’s Vibrating Tattoo: Do you have your phone on vibrate when you’re in a meeting or when you are in the movies? Guess what, people at Nokia didn’t think that was enough. They went a step further and filed a patent for a tattoo that would vibrate when the phone rang. Never heard of it making any vibrations in the market.

The High Fiving Machine: Not sure what you think of it, but someone filed a patent for an artificial arm that would help perk up your mood if no one else is willing. According to the patent application, you need to set this up on a table or fix it to the wall, and it will also improve your hand-eye coordination in addition to giving you a hand for high-fives whenever you need.

Diaper Alarm: Raising a kid is no joke. Especially the sleepless nights and changing diapers part. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew whenever your baby wet his or her diapers, without having to reach inside to check? The diaper alarm to the rescue! This detachable device was patented in 1980 and can be fixed onto the diaper. When wet the baby’s skin will conduct a wee bit of electricity and have lights blinking and an alarm beeping. Any takers?

Golf Wand: Do you want to perfect your golf stance, swing and get some practice to perfect your shots? If you’ve always imagined of going pro but didn’t have the time or the means to do it, the golf wand can help. The ball on the end of the wand which is attached to your torso will help you perfect the backswing. The ball should be pointed in the direction of your shot. The wand should line up between the golf ball and your eyes. All Tiger Woods wannabes could actually make their dream come true with the help of this invention.

Earless Eyewear (EE): If the stems of eyeglasses bother you when you wear them over the ear, then this invention can surely help. It consists of two magnets that you can stick to the sides of your temples. Now you can place your specially made eyeglasses with metallic ends on these temple magnets which will hold them in place. No more irritating stems rubbing on your ears. You can easily take them off with a slight pull, and the glasses come right off from the magnets.

We never knew choosing one absurd invention over the other could be so challenging. A lot of great ideas often go to waste because inventors either talk themselves out of it or think the idea isn’t good enough. And even if you have a great idea you could file the patent yourself without using the services of a patent attorney.

However, hiring a patent lawyer makes sure you’re thoroughly covered. They can make sure of its usefulness and innovativeness. They can also help you with the USPTO patent examiners and filing a provisional patent application. And not every lawyer can file a patent.

Doing it yourself will mean you have to manage a lot of things in addition to your technical expertise. For example, you’ll have to go through patents to find out if there’s already something similar, draft a clear documentation and also meet deadlines. Time spent on all of these is precious time you could be investing in furthering your invention or polishing it. It’s better to delegate your patent filing process to an experienced patent attorney and save you all the headache.

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