What are Patent Lawyers, and Why do I Need One?

A new invention is a valuable intellectual asset and should be protected. If you are considering filing a patent, you should consider getting the expertise of an experienced patent lawyer to ensure that protection.

You have an invention you think might turn your industry on its head. You’ve been working a long time on it, and now you think it might be ready to bring to market. You must immediately consider this idea as an asset requiring protection. While it’s not a piece of material property, it is valuable intellectual property. Like any other kind of property, it can be subject to theft or infringement by others if you’re not careful. 

 Applying for a patent is the first step in protecting your valuable idea. A patent will protect it from others and give you the right to litigate against anyone else infringing on your design. But patent law and filing a patent application can be complicated.  Making mistakes can prolong the process and leave you legally exposed. You could probably use the skill of an experienced Philadelphia, PA patent lawyer. 

 What Are Patent Lawyers?

Patent lawyers are experts in intellectual property and patent law. A patent lawyer must have extensive knowledge of patent procedure, federal laws, and ethical guidelines. A patent lawyer can help an inventor or creator file the initial patent application correctly and comprehensively, but their skill set doesn’t stop there. Most patent lawyers are experts in specific technical areas, allowing them to understand their clients’ products and inventions and make knowledgeable recommendations. 

A patent lawyer is familiar with the process as well as the organization and diligence to a timeline that is required. One of the primary reasons individuals choose to use a patent lawyer is the complexity of the prosecution of a patent. Patent applications require extensive research and a thorough understanding of patent law. The application must include concise written and visual descriptions, drawings, and other supporting documentation that demonstrates that the patent is materially different from other existing patents. 

 In addition to helping clients obtain a patent, an experienced patent lawyer will represent clients in other legal matters concerning their patent, including licensing, re-examination, and litigating infringement cases. 

 Do You Need a Patent Lawyer to Apply for a Patent?

There is nothing that requires an inventor to use a patent lawyer to apply for a patent, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Although it is possible to file for your patent without a patent lawyer, it is a complicated and time-consuming process. On average, getting a patent can take two years from start to finish. Missing important deadlines or overlooking essential requirements will extend that time or cause you to lose your patent rights, possibly exposing your invention design to theft.

 A skilled patent lawyer offers an important set of expertise, usually having other undergraduate degrees in science or engineering in addition to their law degree. This enables them to understand both the underlying technology of your invention as well as the legal aspects of the patent process. Your patent attorney can also offer essential legal advice concerning patentability, patent type, timing, non-disclosure agreements, and other related issues. The process does not stop once the patent has been secured, and having an experienced patent lawyer can be invaluable in many ways.

 Getting the Skilled Legal Assistance of a Philadelphia, PA Patent Lawyer

Unfortunately, the patent process is extremely complex. Most patent lawyers only practice patent law, trademark law, and other areas of intellectual property, so they have an extensive understanding of the process and potential pitfalls. Hiring an experienced patent lawyer ensures that everything is correctly completed considering important deadlines. You can have peace of mind knowing you are being skillfully represented throughout the entire process.

If you or your business is considering bringing a new invention to market, getting the legal assistance of someone with experienced knowledge of complex patent law can be critical. At Paul & Paul, we have over 170 years of combined experience representing inventors in patent prosecution, litigation, and other intellectual property law matters. Call us at (215) 568-4900 or contact us online to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

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