A technology front-runner with a long history of results, Paul & Paul has been on the forefront of technology for many decades. Continuing in its enviable tradition, the firm’s dedicated and experienced attorneys leverage their substantial backgrounds in engineering and science to help individuals, businesses, institutions, and other law firms protect ideas through patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Protecting innovations

The attorneys of Paul & Paul have handled technologies in a broad and diverse range of manufacturing and services sectors, including:

Automotive technologies

automotive devices, friction products, and internal combustion devices


security and access devices

Building materials

building construction, construction technologies, electrical systems, and more

Chemical substances and chemical processes

biochemistry, polymer chemistry, liquid crystals, and packaging materials


computer or processor-controlled devices, consumer products, and more

Electrical and electromechanical devices

electrostatics, power systems, electromechanical apparatus, power systems, electromagnetic devices, electrocoating and plating

Food processes

preservatives, lubricants for refrigeration, and packaging

Hydrocarbon processes

machinery, equipment, and processes

Information technology and software systems

printed circuit board cleaners, software development, web-based technology, and more

Mechanical structures and machines

machinery, power and hand tools, manufacturing equipment, and processes

Medical devices

mechanical medical devices, hand tools, and related mechanical apparatus


consumer goods and mechanical devices


machinery, equipment, and processes


detergents, personal care products including beauty, hair care, and dental

Power systems

machinery, equipment, and processes


Polymeric materials

polymers, resins, monomers, alloys, coatings, and more


processes, devices, and security

... and many more!

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Even if it's not listed, we've probably handled it.

We have first-hand knowledge and application across many industries and market sectors and can provide you an experienced attorney for almost any area in which you operate. Among our firms’ attorneys are former design engineers, production engineers, research scientists, and patent examiners. They understand technology. They understand innovation. They know intellectual property law.
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