What are Internet Intellectual Property Infringement Claims?

Understanding Internet Intellectual Property Infringement Claims: Explained by our Intellectual Property Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) rights is now even more important than ever in today’s modern society. In the blink of an eye, your logo, trademark, and copyrights could be stolen and misappropriated. This can harm your business and be used by a competitor to steal your customers, business good will, and your profits. In some instances, IP infringement could even result in the misappropriation or theft of trade secrets. One of the increasingly more common ways that this happens is online. Internet intellectual property infringement claims can be some of the most damaging types of unlawful conduct against your rights. These are also some of the most complicated types of cases that require an experienced intellectual property lawyer in Philadelphia, PA like Paul & Paul.

We have over 170 years of combined experience handling IP infringement claims throughout the United States, including in various state and federal courts including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Copyright Office, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. We also have a global network of foreign associates allowing us to prosecute IP infringements in nearly 40 countries. This includes internet copyright infringement claims in other countries.

What are Intellectual Property Infringement Claims?

There are many different forms of IP claims that our intellectual property attorney in Philadelphia, PA could handle for you. This includes the following types of cases:

·        Copyright

·        Trademark

·        Patent

·        Trade secrets

·        Likeness and business good will, and

·        Other similar claims.

What are Internet IP Claims?

Internet intellectual property infringement claims are when another person, business, or entity uses your protected IP for their benefit or to your detriment to harm you. This type of claim is becoming more common as more and more businesses are not only going online, but heavily relying on the internet space for marketing and conducting virtual business.  

Some of the most common types of claims include the following:

Using a Domain or URL Very Similar to Yours

Unscrupulous businesses may try to use a website address and URL that is very similar to yours. Sometimes they may add a “1” or underscore/hyphen to distinguish their website address from yours. But by doing this, they could gain unfair traffic to their website. This traffic could generate profit for them off of your IP rights. That could be a valid infringement claim that our intellectual property lawyers could handle for you.

Mimicking or Stealing Your Website Design

Usually done in addition to using a domain or URL close to yours, some businesses or infringing individuals may copy the design of your website entirely. Their goal is to make their website look like your website so a customer does not realize it is a fake. This can result in customers ordering products off of the competitor’s website rather than yours. It could also result in identity theft and credit card theft. This is a type of potential copyright claim that our copyright infringement lawyer could handle for you.

Copying Your Logo, Slogan, or Trademark

Again, usually a business or individual that is stealing your logo, slogan, or trademark will do this in conjunction with a similar URL and website design. But any competitor or thief that attempts to use your logo, slogan, or other trademark and pass it off as their own is likely committing trademark infringement that our lawyer should investigate for you.

This type of intellectual property infringement could also occur in the e-mail marketing campaigns where a defendant uses your logo on their e-mail or their own website in hopes of making sales. This too is unlawful.

Are You the Victim of Internet IP Infringement?  We Can Help

Our law firm has over 170 years of combined experience which has grown with the modern times and remains on the cutting edge of innovation regarding online and internet IP infringement claims. Our experienced lawyers at Paul & Paul know both the law and how the internet functions as it rapidly evolves. Businesses and IP holders previously just had a website, but now it has become an explosion of social media, blogs, RSS feeds, email campaigns, and even virtual reality. All of these mediums are opportunities for unlawful actions against your copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other protected IP.

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