Why Do I Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

Protecting Your IP Rights the Right Way: Intellectual Property Attorney Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA Explains Why You Need Legal Counsel

If you have an invention, own a business, or are a literary work creator, chances are that you have certain intellectual property (IP) rights that you may need to protect. Whether these rights are a patent, copyright, or trademark, or whether you need to draft contracts, employment agreements, or licensing deals, these IP rights can quickly become complicated and confusing for most individuals. It can also become risky, as mistakes made could allow others to exploit loopholes to steal your valuable hard work. This is why most people who have certain and valuable IP rights should contact an experienced intellectual property lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, for help.

Our IP team at Paul & Paul is that experienced choice that you need to hire. We have over 170 years of combined experience handling nearly every facet of IP law. Whether you are looking to submit an application to secure your rights or have already submitted an application and it was delayed or rejected due to mistakes, know that our IP lawyers at Paul & Paul can help you and your business at any stage of the process.

Do I Need an Intellectual Property Attorney to Submit an Application?

No, you do not need an intellectual property attorney or law firm to submit a patent, copyright, or trademark application. Nor do you need an IP lawyer to draft or review your contracts for noncompete, licensing, or sales. Everything can be done without a lawyer’s help.

However, that is often a huge mistake—especially when it comes to intellectual property.

IP Law is Very Complicated and Difficult

IP law is very complicated. Part of that is because the basic statutory law generally stays the same, but its interpretation is constantly evolving in judge-made decisions (called the common law). These decisions are not always published in the public space, making them difficult to discuss.

But it is not just United States law that must be considered. Intellectual property rights transcend country borders, and there are other agreements, treaties, and bodies of law that must be followed. This adds a very complex and difficult layer, especially for individuals hoping to sell, license, or manufacture their product or work overseas.

Mistakes Allow Others to Steal Your Work

Any mistake in the process applying United States statutory law, agency regulations, common law, or international law or treaties could expose your hard work to other individuals or businesses who could use or infringe it without any legal remedies for you. Or worse, they could submit a proper application and steal the IP rights from you. Do not let this happen to you.

Why You Really Need an IP Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

Having an intellectual property lawyer to review your needs and submit proper applications, draft legally binding contracts, and otherwise properly handle your work is essential to protecting your IP rights. An IP lawyer could help you:

  • Obtain patents
  • Secure a copyright
  • Apply and obtain a trademark
  • Draft licensing contracts
  • Prosecute infringers
  • Defense against frivolous or meritless claims against you
  • Draft sale contracts for your IP works
  • Ensure maintenance fees and other applications are timely completed
  • Conduct due diligence in all searches to ensure yours fits the criteria
  • Handle appeals or civil actions, if necessary, and
  • Any other aspects that may arise with your patent, trademark, literary works, or other IP rights that you need protected.

Ask Our Intellectual Property Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA for Help

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